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Really nice game! Graphics, SFX, and music all went really well together. The only thing I would suggest is adding some sort of indicator to show which level you're at, because I occasionally didn't know if I passed or failed the level. Difficulty was nice (not super easy, but beatable in under 15 mins). Overall really solid.

Thanks for the feedback!

I liked it It was fun


Nice game! It was a nice little thing to play, I liked the storyline and the fighting as well, it was a bit hard to see the health of the enemies though and it would be nice if you would have your own health bar. Good Job!

I feel like the health bars are hard to see as well, but you only had one life because you were supposed to get hit at the window lol

fun little game!

maybe you could increase your firing frequency and increase enemy hp. I think that because the firing feels a little slow imho.

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Thanks for playing my game!

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Fun little game! I liked the combat, it reminded me of space invaders a bit. The health bars were kind of difficult to see for me. The boss fight felt a little cramped because of his size and he didn't move. I think he should've moved around at least a little bit around the area so you aren't really confined to this one space to hit him.

I enjoyed it none the less! Wish you luck with your future games :) 

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Thanks for the feedback! I wanted to make the boss fight hard but it just felt cramped.